Maternity Boudoir


$395 for starting package

  • Up to 2 Looks/ Outfits Changes

  • 20+ shots with basic post-processing (like brightness adjustments)

  • Female photographer

  • Professional Pose Coaching

  • Professional Equipment

  • Natural lighting for a classic, timeless look

  • 2-3 week turnaround (rushes available for $49 in most cases)

ADD-ON's (Optional)

$59 - makeup ...$59 - hair (Both for $110) (you provide your own foundation/concealer and fake lashes/glue). Includes foundation application, eye shadow, eye liner, eyebrow liner, full face contour/highlighting, blush, lip color. We use top of the line brands like Naked, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, Tarte and more! NOTE: Client must bring their own foundation/concealer and optional fake lashes/glue.

$49 per additional look/outfit change beyond first 2 & 10+ extra photos This gives you additional photoshoot time as well. Giving you more options, looks and final images to chose from!

$25 per outfit rental...This includes the main outfit, bras, waist-cincher and jewelry(this does NOT include thigh-highs, heels or underwear - we have most sizes but recommend a consultation before counting on rental options to ensure your size/preference is in stock)

$49 to add your partner...We offer couple maternity shots with daddy too! It's just $49/person to add more people to the photoshoot.


While basic editing like photo color adjusting is included in your 20+ photos, the list below includes editing of photos with the following:

-Teeth whitening
-Basic Face and Body Blemish removal
-Skin softening where needed, removal of cellulite
-Subtle and natural waist/curves/body sliming and/or enhancement
-Removal of tags or other wardrobe enhancements

To order this service, simply email us a list of your favorite file #s after receiving your images and we'll get started! (Editing time is usually a 7-21 day turn around, but we'll be happy to accommodate a rush order in most cases.)

  • $50 for the first photo edit

  • $90 per hour for additional edits (typical photo edits take 10-45 minutes depending on complexity of request)

  • Rushes available for $49+



There’s something beautiful about mother nature and moms-to-be. So if possible we recommend considering an outdoor shoot for your maternity boudoir session. We offer several ideas for private locations that include lakes, fields and forests. We also love the idea of shooting you in your own home - because nesting is a very real thing during pregnancy! Including shots of you in the nursery in or just in your comfortable atmosphere is nice when outdoors aren’t weather/ seasonally appropriate. If we’re doing an in-home session we recommend tidying up your space before arrival - but leaving out the baby stuff as it tells the story. We also offer our home-studio (see backdrops here in our Traditional Boudoir Portfolio) if your home or outdoors doesn’t match your vision. And we’re always happy to brainstorm and come up with other locations to match your vision.


maternity boudoir cleveland.jpg

We always say wear what you’re most confident in! If you love the outfit, your confidence will show through. For maternity boudoir we often recommend wearing light colors like white, cream or pastels that feel more maternal and feminine and bare feet just seem to feel right usually (but be sure to bring comfortable and concealed shoes to walk through fields, muddy areas if it’s an outdoor shoot). Lace robes are both sexy and feel soft and fitting for pregnancy photoshoots and are comfortable. You can purchase them affordably off Amazon here. Also wearing long white flowing dresses or babydoll cuts are photogenic for maternity shoots. We also offer nude shoots, or partial nudes with just underwear for one of your two looks. You can also get creative and wear your baby daddy’s favorite jersey or even just a sheet or simple robe can be perfect. Every shoot includes 2 looks so be sure to bring at least two options. Don’t forget any accessories that are meaningful if you want them in the shoot. Sometimes it’s a good idea to bring at least one outfit that you feel comfortable posting online photos of you in - as most people want to share these images with friends and family. We’re happy to look through what outfits you’ve brought upon arrival and help you narrow down them down and match up the accessories for the photoshoot (or you can add on additional looks for $50/each). We also take details of things like hands on the belly, wedding rings, close ups and full body shots so you’ll be getting a range of images that you can collage together in an album. (Read more about us helping you create an affordable maternity boudoir photo album here.)


All of our shoots come with 2 looks, so be sure to bring 2 outfit options and any matching accessories like jewelry, shoes (you can always add on additional looks for $50/each additional). It’s not a bad idea to bring a backup pair of thigh highs if you’re wearing them, as sometimes they rip easily (and our studio does not rent them because of their delicate nature). If you’re adding makeup to your photo session - don’t forget your matching concealer/ powder/ foundation (we have the rest!) and false eye-lashes - as their application is included with the makeup. If you’re not having us do your hair/makeup it’s a good idea to bring any hair styling products for touch up and a bag of your makeup essentials and lip color options along with lotion. Although we have an endless source of creative ideas, it’s a great idea to bring photos on your phone of any inspirational poses or shots you love and any makeup/ hair ideas if you’re having that done. Most sessions range from 2-6 hours so if you have any medications or special dietary snacks it’s a good idea to come prepared with snacks/ water. If you’re doing an outdoor shoot it’s ideal to have a neutral colored blanket or white sheet to sit on and bring any bug spray or necessary outdoor things you might want including good walking shoes/ boots if you’re going to be near water/ fields.


Every session length varies between 2-6 hours. If you’re getting your hair and makeup done with the session, you can expect a longer time frame like 5-6 hours. If you’re coming with hair/makeup done - the session is more like 2 hours. If you’re adding on additional looks beyond the first 2 included or adding on another style like Pinup or Hollywood Glamour - that adds time to the session. Although it says about 45 minutes of shoot time, we don’t like to rush our clients and we want you take all the time you need to change, and discuss sets along with coach you on posing and show you some fantastic shots along the way - so we always say plan on 2-6 hours. The sessions are fun and you’ll be feeling super sexy and empowered when you leave - so we encourage you to make some fun plans afterwards!


Some helpful tips for preparing for your photoshoot -

  • For waxing - we recommend getting it done at least 4 days prior - as it can leave you a bit red and swollen

  • Be sure to shave legs, toes, underarms and bikini line (if that’s the look you desire). Bikini line shaving - to avoid red bumps try shaving with warm water, a newer razor and with Neosporin or coconut oil instead of soap (not to worry though - we offer photoshop services)

  • Come with clean/DRY strait hair (if getting hair done)

  • Come with a clean/ moisturized face and moisturized lips if having makeup done (Any facials should be done at least 2 days prior)

  • Stretch before hand and after shoot! To capture your sexiest angles, we do ask you to arch your back, point your toes and pop your booty a lot! People always say they had no idea how challenging it can be to model - so be sure to stretch the day off and afterwards (If you have any injuries, back problems or other limitations, just let us know and we'll be mindful.)

  • Do not try out a new spray tan salon or crazy new hair style prior to shoot. We’ve had scary cases of spray-tan-gone wrong when clients tried new places or products.

  • Consider adding the father to your child into the shot for just $50/more so you can have a dual parent/ maternity shots also!



On top of having these beautiful photos of this magical time to cherish for a life-time, here’s a few ideas on what do with your maternity photos:

  • Framed or Canvas Prints

  • Photo Album (see samples at our studio - read more on albums here)

  • Text your baby daddy a photo a day for the most beautiful selfies he’s ever received - right up until the due date!

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