• For waxing - we recommend getting it done at least 4 days prior - as it can leave you a bit red and swollen
  • Bikini line shaving - to avoid red bumps try shaving with warm water, a newer razor and with Neosporin instead of soap (not to worry though - we photoshop you to perfection)
  • Come with clean/dry strait hair
  • Come with a clean/ moisturized face and moisturized lips (Any facials should be done at least 48 hours prior)
  • Stretch before hand! To capture your sexiest angles, we do ask you to arch your back, point your toes and pop your booty a lot! (If you have any injuries, back problems or other limitations, just let us know and we'll be mindful.)
  • Plan a fun outing for afterward - you're sure to be looking fabulous!

We want you to be comfortable and have fun! We offer classy shots with sexy clothing or full nudity. It's always up to you, with no pressure, and you'll always feel comfortable with us.

Nervous about posing? Don't be! Liza is a master at posing each client to show off their most flattering side. She'll even tell you what faces to make and where to place your legs, arms, body and even how to point your toes for the perfect look. 

Nervous about blemishes like stretch marks, acne, scars, cellulite, etc? Wish your arms were a bit smaller? Don't worry - Liza will pose and light you in the most flattering way. And if you still need adjustments, every image can be professionally edited and airbrushed to magazine quality. We have editing packages available because it's your day to have the royal, Hollywood movie star results! Let us know if you've got a specific concern and we can take care of it.

Turn around time is typically 1 to 21 days.  Rushes are available for a fee.

We can custom design albums or calendars. Let us know what gift you're hoping to make and we'll  help!  Graphic Design is one of our specialties. MORE ON ALBUMS HERE

Black & White and Color Photos are available for every photo we take.