2018 Valentine's Day Mini-Shoot - Saturday 1/27/2018
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DATE - Saturday 1/27/2018 LIMITED TIME SLOTS from 9am-6pm
LOCATION - Retro Rosie's Pinup Shop - 17110 Detroit Ave,  Lakewood, Ohio 


  • Mini hair/makeup session (You come with curled hair and foundation/concealer on) - we do a quick pinup hair style + mini vintage makeup session. 
  • 1 costume rental from Retro Rosie's collection - all sizes available (YOU PROVIDE thigh highs if desired, neautral underwear if choosing lingerie, and we recommend brining shoes as your prefered style may not be available in your size ) ... Additional costume rentals $49/each
  • 2 poses and mini 15 minute photo session
  • Access to all props
  • Expert coaching and professional lighting
  • Chose either white backdrop or retro kitchen set up (chose both for additional $35)
  • 8+  unedited, unbranded, copyright-free digital proofs to keep (emailed via Dropbox) delivered within 3 days after shoot!
  • 1 airbrushed edit of your choice (additional airbrushed edits $49 each) delivered 4 days after you select it!

Add On's:

  • $49 per -  Pet, child, or your partner added to the shoot  (Costume rentals only available for women - NOT children, men or pets. If you are having 2 women in the same shot there's a costume rental fee of $49. If she wants mini hair/makeup session it's $65) 
  • $30 - Want us to curl your hair? No problem. 
  • $49 - Each additional airbrushed edit 
  • $35 - For additional set change (*Either white backdrop OR kitchen is included)
  • Album, calendar or other design help available - custom quoted per project

*Please note that if your shoot is done with the White Backdrop you will want to have the photos airbrushed to achieve the pinup look. Kitchen shots are more usable without extra airbrushing. With this promotion you will get 1 airbrushed image of your choice, additional edits are $49.

Before booking, we'd like to discuss the details, date and time with you! Give us a call or email by contacting us here

*Minimum sign up - 3, Maximum 10

[ Partnering with Retro Rosie in Lakewood, Ohio ]

- Add the white backdrop to your party's shoot for $79

(NOTE: Any images taken with backdrop we highly recommend you get edited/airbrushed for optimal final image!) 


We recommend buying yourself some sexy thigh-highs if you'd like them in the photo as we don't rent them out due to the delicate nature of nylon.

We ask that you bring a strapless bra - it tends to come in handy, and wear neutral (skin colored) underwear to wear under the outfits for sanitary reasons.

We also ask you to wear CLEAR deodorant to protect these fabulous clothes, we so appreciate it!

Additionally, keep in mind that all images are given as digital "proofs" meaning they're not edited or airbrushed in any way and to get that finished pinup look that's so amazing you'll want to order edits of your favorites! We do however give you the proofs unbranded - and you're free to use them as you like.

NOTE: The outfits you wear will be available for purchase after the shoot. You may want to make evening plans afterwards as you're all going to be looking AMAZING!



We can still book you a private session see our PIN UP Gallery here for samples 

RETRO ROSIE KITCHEN SET &  OUTFIT RENTAL - Pinup Photoshoots in Lakewood, Ohio (*PLAIN BACKDROP ADDITIONAL) start at $279, includes: 

  • Professional pose coaching
  • 15+ Unedited Digital proofs
  • 1 final airbrushed and fully edited image of your choice
  • Additional airbrushing/ editing available for $49/each image
  • Access to all Cleveland's Premier Boudoir's Props
  • Includes 1 costume rental -your choice- from entire Retro Rosie store (thigh highs not included - we recommend bringing both thigh highs and heals)...Additional rentals for $49/each includes 10+more unedited digital proofs
  • Makeup $49 & Hair $49 (both $89)
  • Plain backdrop additional $79 (we recommend airbrushing/editing all photos taken on white backdrop)
  • Times slots for these shoots will be scheduled after normal Retro Rosie's business hours for privacy. 
  • Purchasing of all clothing and accessories is available after the shoot!


PREMIER BOUDOIR'S HOME STUDIO WITH PLAIN BACKDROP - Private shoots in Richfield, Ohio (NO KITCHEN) start at $195, includes: 

  • Professional pose coaching
  • 20+ Digital proofs
  • 2 professionally airbrushed and edited pin up shots, additional edits for $49/each image
  • 2 outfit changes (additional outfits $49/each with extra photos)
  • Access to all Premier Boudoir's Props
  • Client provides own lingerie/costumes (we do offer rentals available up to size 8, limited sizes available in 10-18  upon request - Access to rentals is $25 (thigh highs/shoes not included) ) 
  • Makeup $49& Hair $49(both $89) (you bring false lashes/glue and come wearing your matching skin tone foundation/concealer - or bring and we'll apply!)